What the Chiefs’ draft pick can teach them about their franchise’s next wave of success

By now you’re probably familiar with the Chiefs 2017 draft class, which was supposed to be a breakout year for a franchise that has been struggling for years.Unfortunately for the Chiefs, that didn’t happen.Now, they’re back to square one.The Chiefs are now just 1-7, with two games remaining in their three-game road trip.The defense and…

Published by admin inSeptember 16, 2021
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By now you’re probably familiar with the Chiefs 2017 draft class, which was supposed to be a breakout year for a franchise that has been struggling for years.

Unfortunately for the Chiefs, that didn’t happen.

Now, they’re back to square one.

The Chiefs are now just 1-7, with two games remaining in their three-game road trip.

The defense and offense have been shaky, and quarterback Alex Smith has looked awful.

But this isn’t a team that is ready to panic, and with this draft class already in the books, the Chiefs are starting to see the benefits of a change.

Here are five things to watch in the draft:1.

The pass rush2.

The quarterback3.

The linebacker4.

The safety5.

The defensive lineThe Chiefs’ defensive line has been an issue.

The team has allowed an NFL-high 27 sacks this season, and while they’re starting to get back to their old ways, it’s still not enough.

They’re not going to be an unstoppable unit any time soon.

That’s why the Chiefs need to upgrade at the defensive end position, where they should be picking in the top 10 of this class.

There are some players on the board that are expected to be better than some of the other draft picks in this class, but none of them are going to beat the likes of Alabama DT Malik McDowell, who could be a steal in this draft.

McDowell is projected to be the No. 5 overall pick, and the Chiefs could also get a steal if they decide to draft a defensive end in the second round.

The Raiders have been doing a great job of building a defense around Khalil Mack, who is expected to go in the first round.

There’s a lot of intrigue around the Raiders, who have been making moves at defensive end this offseason and will need to address that position in the near future.

They might have a spot in the middle of the draft for McDowell.

The Chargers are the only team that might be able to address their defensive line.

They signed Justin Pugh, who was a star in college at Florida State.

If he can develop into an NFL player, they could potentially be a threat at the position.

The Saints have also been making some moves this offseason.

They drafted DT DeForest Buckner in the third round and have been slowly building the defensive line over the last few seasons.

They also added Dontari Poe in the fourth round, who had a great rookie season.

Poe could end up being a steal for the Saints, and he has some experience at defensive tackle.

The Cardinals could be one of the teams looking to take a run at the team’s top offensive tackle, Anthony Barr.

The Texans might also get their wish, as they picked guard Matt Kalil in the sixth round and he could end the year as a top-5 pick.

The Chargers also had a couple of interesting free agent moves this off-season.

They added CB Janoris Jenkins and CB Antonio Cromartie, who both will be free agents in the offseason.

The two should help them build a defense that will be strong against the run and can take away the big plays from opposing offenses.

They’ll also be able provide depth at safety.

They have one of their better safeties in Tyrann Mathieu, who will be a free agent this offseason, and they’re likely to be able add another one in Antonio Cromarts, who also had an excellent rookie season for the Chargers.

The Chiefs have struggled to score points this season.

They were one of just four teams that scored fewer than 20 points per game, which has hurt their ability to win games.

That was also a big problem in the regular season, as Kansas City has allowed over 40 points in four of the past five games.

They’ve been getting to the line more frequently and are giving up fewer sacks per game.

It’s clear that the Chiefs defense is in need of a major overhaul, and that’s why they might be looking at a defensive line that’s a little deeper and has a little more upside.

That would include adding a few players in the trenches.

The Bengals are the most likely team to make a move at the linebacker position, but they’ll likely have to be patient as they add another linebacker in the upcoming draft.

They need a strong safety in the mix, and those guys could be on the radar of teams like the Jaguars, Saints, Texans and Cardinals.

The Texans might be the best chance for the team to upgrade their pass rush.

They could get the biggest name in the class in LSU defensive end Adolphus Washington, who has struggled for years with injury.

He was a Pro Bowler in his first two seasons, and his talent is undeniable.

But Washington is also coming off a serious knee injury, which would be devastating for the Texans pass rush if it does happen.

He’d need to sit out a year, but if


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