What do you know about the new media design from Haus Medy?

By Mark Maske, Politico Senior Editor-at-LargeMark Maske | 06/12/2016 11:37:32It seems like the next big thing is a digital redesign for the media.The tech industry is moving into a world of digital media design with the launch of Google Pixel phones and the launch in April of the $3.99 Android TV box.The news that Microsoft…

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By Mark Maske, Politico Senior Editor-at-LargeMark Maske | 06/12/2016 11:37:32It seems like the next big thing is a digital redesign for the media.

The tech industry is moving into a world of digital media design with the launch of Google Pixel phones and the launch in April of the $3.99 Android TV box.

The news that Microsoft has taken a lead in the field of design and digital media and is launching a new, new-media-design program to bring together designers, publishers and media partners is another step in that direction.

The new program, called the Design Studio, aims to create new media experiences that can appeal to both consumers and advertisers.

The program is being spearheaded by Microsoft’s chief creative officer, Bill Rolston, who will head up the new team.

This new effort to work together with other design and media companies is part of Microsoft’s push to take its digital media platform to the next level.

The company has been working to improve its design and branding efforts and is hoping that the new program will bring a more creative approach to the media design and design work.

The program is currently in its early stages and is still in its infancy, so the actual design team isn’t set up yet, Rolstons senior VP of media and entertainment Jason Pazda said in an interview.

Microsoft and Google are already working together on a new design and publishing platform for its Windows 10 and Android TV devices, and this new media-design initiative will bring together Microsoft, Google and the rest of the digital media industry in one place to make it easier for media companies to create a more cohesive experience.

“There’s a lot of opportunities for the Microsoft design team to work on the product, so they’re really excited about the opportunity to work with Microsoft on this program,” Pazdal said.

“We’re looking forward to bringing some of our great talent in to work collaboratively with Microsoft to help bring new digital experiences to the world of media.”

Microsoft has been taking the lead in this area for a long time, Roles said.

The first wave of the Windows 10 media apps was developed by Microsoft with the help of Google, and a few months ago the Windows Media app team was formed.

The new program is part in Microsoft’s larger effort to build a better digital media experience.

The Design Studio will help create more connected experiences across platforms, Pazdel said.

The first product launched by the new Design Studio is the Windows media app.

The team is working to bring the Windows apps to the Pixel, the new smartphone that Microsoft announced last week.

It will also include the Android TV boxes, which will be unveiled in the coming months.

The Pixel, which is expected to launch this spring, will be the first smartphone to support the new Microsoft’s new Windows 10 Media apps.

Pazdals comments are in line with Microsoft’s long history in media design.

Back in 2015, Microsoft introduced a design-focused, hardware-powered Windows 10 device, the Surface Pro 4, that was designed to deliver a more connected experience.

In 2016, Microsoft unveiled a new version of its media app, the Windows Store app, with a focus on making it easier to manage and share media.

In 2017, the Microsoft Windows 10 TV app was launched and is being integrated with the Windows TV app on the Xbox.

Microsoft is already working with many media companies, including the Associated Press, the Washington Post, The Associated Press Publishing Group, and Univision to bring new media to the Windows ecosystem.

The Microsoft-backed Surface Book was released in November, with an emphasis on creating a new user experience for Windows 10 users.

The next-generation Surface Book with a touch-enabled keyboard and Surface Pen was announced in January.

The Surface Pro family of laptops will debut later this year.

In October, Microsoft announced that it had signed a licensing deal with the Walt Disney Company for the creation of an Xbox Live service, called Xbox Live Arcade.

The Design Studio’s focus is to help media companies create more cohesive experiences across the digital space.

It is an opportunity to bring designers and publishers together to improve the design and UX of media products, according to a press release.

It’s also a chance to collaborate with media companies on creating media experiences, Rols said.

“Designers and publishers need to collaborate and work together on this type of product,” Rols told Business Insider.

“The best thing we can do is bring our creative minds together, to make a better product and a better experience for our customers.”


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