Trump: Media Is ‘Very, Very Good’ at Creating Fake News

The media, the Democrats and all the Democrats have created fake news, and it’s a big problem for us.This week, I was interviewed by the Daily Beast’s Michael Barbaro.We covered the same topics in our interview, but this is a different beast.This is about the real story of fake news and how we can stop…

Published by admin inAugust 24, 2021
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The media, the Democrats and all the Democrats have created fake news, and it’s a big problem for us.

This week, I was interviewed by the Daily Beast’s Michael Barbaro.

We covered the same topics in our interview, but this is a different beast.

This is about the real story of fake news and how we can stop it from spreading and harming our nation and our people.

Trump: The Fake News Media Is “Very, Not Very Good” at Producing Fake News President Donald Trump, who is often the target of fake media reports and false claims about his administration, addressed the subject in an interview with the Daily Post on Wednesday.

Trump said that the media is producing fake news on a “massive” scale, and that the fake news is “very, very good.”

Trump said the media should not be trusted to produce news and said that it’s up to the media to be “smart enough to make it look legitimate.”

He added that “fake news is not real news,” adding that the press should be looking at “what is real news.”

In the interview, Trump also said that he was “very much” going to look into “what the media does with their information.”

The president did not offer specific examples of fake stories being created by the media, but he did say that they are a problem for the country.

He also said, “I’m a media person.

I have been a media guy for a long time.

I love the media.

I think they’re very, very smart.

They’re very good.

But they’ve got to be smart enough to produce fake news.

And I’ll do that, OK?”

He added, “You have to watch.

They have to be very, many times smart enough, they have to take care of themselves, they’ve gotta be smart, and they have got to have the courage.”

Trump also mentioned that he has “never seen so much misinformation” from the media and that they “are a disgrace.”

Trump went on to say that “it’s very, not very good for us to be watching them” and said he would “get the hell out of here if I see it.”

He then said that, “We need to protect ourselves.”

Trump is not the only one with a problem with the media that Trump has mentioned.

He has also previously said that they should not “produce fake news” because it is “not real news” and that he would use the Justice Department to prosecute “these people.”

He also called for an investigation into the “fake” news that is being produced by the press, adding that “nobody is going to be able to hide from that.”

The President also stated that he believes the media has “got to stop it.

They’ve got so much money and power, and if they can’t get it out of the way, you know, if you’re going to go after them, you’re gonna do it.

And that’s the way we’re going, OK?

I mean, they’re going out to get you, OK.

You’re gonna get the hell kicked out of you, alright?”

The president also called the fake media a “total and complete fraud,” and added that it is a “disgrace to our country.”

In his interview with Barbaro, Trump said, The media is the enemy of the American people, and the media have got a lot of power, but they are also the enemy.

The media have a tremendous amount of power.

They are very, a lot.

They know how to create fake news that they can sell to the highest bidder, and so that’s what they do.

Trump is the first President in modern times to use the word “fake.”

The word “fraud” is used to describe a person who deliberately misrepresents the facts.

“Fake news” is a word that is often used to refer to media stories that are designed to manipulate the public.

The word has been used to characterize a wide range of actions by the public, including attempts to manipulate or manipulate public opinion.

The definition of “fake,” however, is different.

It refers to the actions of a person or group that is deliberately misleading or deceptive in order to obtain information or opinion.

Fake news is a term that is used when the information or opinions presented to the public by the news media are not accurate or are false.

The term is often associated with fake news stories about the 2016 election, such as a report about a “Clinton conspiracy.”

However, the term has also been used in the context of news coverage of the 2016 presidential election, including the reporting that the Democrats were planning to target the Republican nominee for the presidency, and Trump repeatedly said that there were “fake stories” about him.

In 2016, Trump has said that “Fake News” is “a very, much, very, important problem.”

During the 2016 campaign, Trump often cited his desire to


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