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A new ‘sales’ tool could help Apple make the ‘sale’ feature easier to understand

This story is part of a series that explores the potential of artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence research to improve products, help people understand products, and make them more useful.

How to choose a design studio to design a home

The choice of a design agency to design your home is not only important to make sure that you get a good deal but also to give you a chance to see how they work.Here are 10 things to consider before you start.1.The type of work you’re looking for 2.The price you’re paying 3.The location…

How to find the best media design studio for your business

With an array of media design studios in all corners of the globe, it can be challenging to narrow down which one to go for.But now you don’t have to.Here are our top picks for the best studio in the U.S. We’ve narrowed down the most popular studio in each of the U, UK, and…

Which designer wins the best logo design for Blueprints: a photo collage or a simple logo?

The best logo in the world isn’t a simple one, as this week’s award demonstrates.Designers can go from basic to amazing with their logo design.The best logos in the field have been built from the ground up with an eye for detail, and Blueprints is no exception.The designers behind Blueprints won this year’s Best logo…


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