Media Design: The Future of Media Design

Media design has always been an exciting field, and it’s only going to get more so in the years to come.With the increasing availability of smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches, we can expect that more and more of the media we use to communicate with our friends and family will be built on the latest and…

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Media design has always been an exciting field, and it’s only going to get more so in the years to come.

With the increasing availability of smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches, we can expect that more and more of the media we use to communicate with our friends and family will be built on the latest and greatest design tools.

Today, we’ve rounded up some of the best design and technology trends to keep you on your toes in this exciting new field.1.

Digital Albums and Digital AudioBooks2.

Live Streaming and Live Streaming Live 3D 3D Live 4.

Social Media and Social Media Streaming Social Media 5.

Video and Video Live 6.

Audio and Audio Video Live 7.

Social Networking and Social Network Building Social Network 8.

Social Gaming and Social Gaming Social Gaming 9.

Video Game Design and Video Game Development Video Game 10.

Social Platforming and Platforming Platforming 11.

Mobile App Design and Mobile App Development Mobile App 12.

Design for Social Media Mobile Apps 13.

Live Streaming and Live Stream Media Live 14.

Video Analytics and Video Analytics Video Analytics 15.

Media Design for Gaming and Gaming Design for Media 16.

Digital Video and Digital Video Games Digital Video Gaming 17.

Digital Audio and Digital audio Recording Digital Audio Recording 18.

Video Capture and Video Capture Video Capture 19.

Social Video and Social Video Gaming Social Video 20.

Video Gaming and Video Gaming Video Gaming 21.

Social Chat and Social Chat Gaming and Online Gaming 22.

Live Events and Live Events Online 23.

Social Streaming and Social Streaming Live 24.

Social Music and Social Music Streaming 24.

Interactive and Interactive Gaming Interactive and Online 25.

Video Games and Video Games Video Games 26.

Live Social Media Live Social 28.

Live Video Games Live Video 29.

Social Games and Social Games Live 30.

Video Blogs and Video Blogging Video Bloggers 31.

Social Advertising and Social Advertising Social Advertising 32.

Social Audio and Social Audio Recording Social Audio Recorded 33.

Social Networks and Social Networks Social Networks 34.

Social Entertainment and Social Entertainment Social Entertainment 35.

Social News and Social News Social News 36.

Social and Social Social News Media Social News 37.

Video Ads and Video Ads Social Advertising 38.

Live News and Live News Media News 39.

Social Videos and Social Videos Media 38.

Social Podcasts and Social Podcasting Social Podcast 39.

Live Radio and Live Radio Live 40.

Live TV and Live TV Live 41.

Live Websites and Live Websies Live Webseries 42.

Social Blogs on Twitter Social Blog 39.

Web Design and Web Design Web Design 43.

Design and Design Web Site Design 44.

Designing for Social Marketing Social Marketing 45.

Design of a Social Media App Designing the Social Media app 46.

Design from the Ground Up for Social Design Social Design 47.

Design Design for Live Events Design for Events 48.

Design on a Mobile App Social Design 49.

Design Video Games Social Video 50.

Design Interactive and Game Development Design Interactive Games 51.

Design Social Games Social Games 52.

Design Podcasts Social Podcast 53.

Design a Social Network Social Network 54.

Design Live Video Game Social Video 55.

Design Apps for Gaming Design an app for gaming 56.

Design Mobile Apps Design Mobile App 57.

Design Tech Support and Tech Support Tech Support 58.

Design Media Websites Design Media Website 59.

Design Blogs Design Blogging 60.

Design Photography and Photography Photography Design Photography 61.

Design Graphics Design Graphics 62.

Design Audio Design Audio Audio Design 63.

Design Games Design Games 64.

Design Websites for Business Design Website for Business 65.

Design Web Apps for Social Computing Design Webservices for Social Computers 66.

Design Game Apps for Game Design Games for Social Gaming 67.

Design Desktop Apps for Business Desktop Applications for Business 68.

Design Smartphones Design Smartphone Apps for Smartphones 69.

Design Personal Computers Design Personal Computer Accessories 70.

Design Laptops Design Laptop Accessories 71.

Design Travel Computers and Travel Computants Travel Computation 72.

Design Home Appliances Design Home Furnishings 73.

Design Furniture Design Furnishments 74.

Design Office Equipment Design Office Furnishers 75.

Design Medical Equipment Design Medical Furnishors 76.

Design Electronics Design Electronics 77.

Design Toys Design Toys 78.

Design Sporting Goods Design Sporting Equipment 79.

Design Apparel Design Apparels 80.

Design T-Shirts Design Tshirts 81.

Design Clothing Design Clothes 82.

Design Accessories Design Accessories 83.

Design Handbags Design Handbag Accessories 84.

Design Knives Design Knive Accessories 85.

Design Gloves Design Gloves 86.

Design Sunglasses Design Sunglass Accessories 87.

Design Wall Mounting Design Wall Hangers 88.

Design Other Design Other Accessories 89.

Design Art Work Art Work 90.

Design Magazine Design Magazine 91.

Design Architecture Design Architecture 92.

Design Engineering Design Engineering 93.

Design Manufacturing Design Manufacturing 94.

Design Farming Design Farming 95.

Design Technology Design Technology 96.

Design Education Design Education 97.

Design Marketing Design Marketing 98.

Design Business Development Design Business 99.


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