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Business Insider article CAPROC, Brazil—In the past decade, the technology industry has seen a tremendous increase in the number of startups and businesses that create products and services for consumers.But the number is growing faster than ever before, and in some cases faster than the industry as a whole. According to a recent report from the…

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Business Insider article CAPROC, Brazil—In the past decade, the technology industry has seen a tremendous increase in the number of startups and businesses that create products and services for consumers.

But the number is growing faster than ever before, and in some cases faster than the industry as a whole. 

According to a recent report from the Institute for Economic Research, Brazil is the world’s second-largest producer of software software, with an estimated 75% of the world market.

And for all of the companies that produce software for consumers, Brazil has also produced the most software in terms of market share: According to the report, over 80% of Brazil’s software market is owned by Brazilian companies.

That means that a Brazilian company is controlling more than 70% of its market share. 

But even more importantly, Brazil’s technology industry is also the fastest growing in the world.

It is expected to grow to over 8.8 million employees by 2020, up from 6.6 million today. 

To get a handle on how the country’s rapidly growing software industry is doing, we spoke with a handful of the countrys top software companies to get an idea of how they see the industry in five years’ time.

Here’s what we learned.1.

Caprio Media Design, the company behind a few of Brazils most popular software programs, is the only one of the three that is still based in Brazil.

The company, founded in 2013, has a worldwide network of more than 2,300 employees and has expanded its business beyond Brazil in recent years, with offices in New York, Seoul, and London.

Caprica, which has offices in Brazil, New York and Hong Kong, has more than 100 employees and is one of Brazil s largest software developers.2.

Aeterna, the other two software companies behind Caprica and Aetterna, are based in France and are currently headquartered in Paris.

They also have offices in Paris and are among the biggest software developers in the country.

AETERNA employs more than 30,000 people worldwide and has more employees in France than any other company in the region.3.

Novell, a company founded in 2010, is based in Italy and is headquartered in Milan.

Noves is the most prominent software developer in the Netherlands and is the largest software developer on the continent.

The software company has offices throughout Europe, and is also based in London.4.

Mediote, a startup founded in 2016 that offers software to small and medium-sized businesses, is headquartered on the Canary Islands in Spain.

It currently has offices across the region and has offices on the island of Antigua and Barbuda.5.

Para Technologies, founded by three Brazilian brothers in 2014, is a software company that has offices worldwide.

Parapart has more workers in the UK than anywhere else in the United Kingdom. 


KPMG is the technology consulting firm that specializes in creating software solutions for businesses.

The firm is also one of only three software companies that have offices worldwide, with three of them in Brazil (a third is based out of London). 

The company has more staff than any software company in Brazil and is based at a large, international office in Paris, and it is one in the top three software firms in Brazil in terms, according to its annual report.7.

Fido is a technology startup based in Austin, Texas that specializes only in software and is now headquartered in Washington, D.C. Fido is one the most popular and well-respected software companies in Brazil because it has strong relationships with government agencies and companies.

The largest of the company’s five offices are in Brazil where it also has offices at the Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Health, Ministry for Science, Industry, and Technology, and the Ministry for Education.8.

Kogolo is a cloud-based service provider that specializes with data management solutions.

The team has offices around the world and has over 2,000 employees. 

Kogolo also has strong ties to the Brazilian government, with its employees serving as ambassadors for the country in other countries. 


Digital Asset Solutions, founded a few years ago, is one company that is headquartered outside Brazil.

Digital Assets is one among the few companies that provides software to consumers, and its team has more people in Brazil than any of the other software companies, according in its annual reports.10.

Nervana is a service provider and platform provider that provides a cloud platform for developers.

The startup has offices globally and its headquarters are located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

Nervana also has significant partnerships with the Brazilian state and has strong contracts with governments, such as the Brazilian Ministry of Education and the National Guard. 


Digital Analytics and Digital Media is a company that offers analytics services to companies in a variety of industries, including consumer products, software, e-commerce, and media. 

Digital Analytics


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